Cosmosis – Dance Of The Cosmic Serpent

Cosmosis – Dance Of The Cosmic Serpent
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"We have to keep it rockin' so no one comes-a-knockin..." From the sleeve notes of the Psychedelica Melodica album: 4. Dance of The Cosmic Serpent The title is inspired by anthropologist Jeremy Narby's book " The Cosmic Serpent" in which he suggests among other things that the global network of DNA based life is actually a conscious entity and furthermore that the human mind can enter into communication with this DNA consciousness via trance states, enthogenic experiences etc. and by doing so receive detailed and specific information and wisdom. (think shamen for example) The dance of the cosmic serpent in the title refers to the total manifestation of this underlying consciousness via the massive variety of lifeforms on planet Earth including us - human beings. The total of all lifeforms is the dance, the manifestation of it. This idea along with an already existing notion of mine to create a track purely based around a strong central melody were combined for this track. I derived the melody from an Arabic sounding scale because to me it sounds kind of wiggley and serpentine and often seems to suggest snake charmer music. Given that I wanted the tune to be the centre piece I approached the composition in a different manner. Rather than starting out with the kick and bassline as I often do, instead I sat down with a guitar, decided on the implied harmonic movement ( G major, G# major, F minor) and made sure that I had definitively composed the entire tune before booting up the sequencer. Once I had the melody fixed, I built the track up around it. Billy Cosmosis