שם מלא
Jack Braverman

♩♬ Sphirala ♫♪ We live in a universe of sound... everything is sound... we humans are sound. Every cell of our being vibrates. Every thought and feeling we evoke and emit is a frequency or group of frequencies. Every sound that touches us interacts with the cell, water, tissue, bone of our bodies. Sound effects the Biology, Sound is Vibration, Vibration is Physical and Math is the tool to study Physics. 1) Study the science of art. - (Physics, Math) 2) Study the art of science. - (Sound) 3) Develop your senses: especially learn how to see. - (Music, Vibration) 4) Realize that everything connects to everything else. - (Biology) I collect music and try to make music i never heard, So this music will make you think and feel as you never felt before... I started learning sound and music by myself at 10.03.2013 You can listen to my progression since i started, i share everything that i make and i get better all the time! So have fun! it all comes from the best place and for you! And always will :) [All the tracks here are unmastered, unfinished and work in progress] Send a massage if you want to hear new music i'm working on ;) ♪♫♬♩♬♫♪