שם מלא
Adam Wood
Lasqueti Island, Canada

free downloads: Deep in the woods of a rugged little island, beatfarmer plays the music that drives him to dance. His love for dance carries him through many different styles of music and his passion is mixing organic world music sounds with beats that will move your body to dance and your spirit to soar.. He has just released two full length CDs and numerous downtempo and uptempo tracks. Like his Dj sets, his original productions are filled with natural sounds, chanting, and organic percussion, connecting the listener with the traditions of the past, through the sounds of the future. Whether it's a world fusion set, a deep trance journey, or sacred downtempo.... beatfarmer plays for the dancers Many of my world music samples come from loopmasters, check them out: Beatfarmer is available for Live PA or DJ gigs: contact or If you have a label and are interested in putting out some of my music, please contact me. I have a number of tracks,not all posted here, that are professionally mastered, and are ready to go! I would like to put out an EP or license a track for your compilation. I am also available for remix work. Please contact me if you would like to do a remix trade. It is such a great way to make musical connections. Exclusive tracks and show info on my facebook fan page:

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