Bizzare Contact

Bizzare Contact
שם מלא
Didy Ezra
Dimona, Israel

***For Booking*** Please contact: ***For Licensing, Remixes, Press*** Please contact: Bizzare Contact are Didy Ezra (1985) and Gady Ezra (1990) born and living in the sunny southern city of Dimona. Didy has been producing all kinds of Psychedelic music since the age of 13, He joined the Com.pact Crew in the year of 2004 and became a success story, The debut album "Plastic Fantastic" by "Bizzare Contact" was released at Com.Pact Records in April / 2004. The album was a success and Didy started to perform around the world from Japan all the way to Brazil, Mexico, Europe & Israel. Didy is also involved in a side project with dj Bog called "Visual Contact", They're album "La La Land" was released in October 2005 and got great reviews all over the world. Bizzare Contact tracks was released on compilations all over the world including labels such as : Com.Pact, HOMmega, Mainstage, FinePlay, Noga, Alchemy, Utopia, Shiva Space Japan, Phonokol and many more. At 2010 After Endless collaborations since the very first show, Performing all over the globe - It was bound for it to happen - Gady joined officially to "Bizzare Contact". These days Didy & Gady are working hard to bring new & surprising materials to their growing amount of fans. See you all around the globe - and dont forget: ALWAYS Expect the Unexpected !

Bizzare Contact
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