שם מלא
Matan Kadosh
Afula , Israel

Gataka is Matan Kadosh, he is considered as one of the most active & influential electronic music producers roaming planet earth. His discography is one of the most impressive ones around, he has already released 5 featured studio albums: Drop The Mask (Phonokol 2003), Home Made Madness (Phonokol 2004), In Trance We Trust (Phonokol 2005), Bless The Mess (Phonokol 2007), Music is my blood (noga rec 2010). He has compiled 2 compilation releases: The famous compilation series from Phonokol Records – The Next Generation – By Gataka, & V/A Spaced Out (Noga Records). Aside from mastering this infinite project, Matan is also part of the amazing trio – Sesto Sento, and Is latest 2 low bpm projects - Rio Vegas with the musical phenomenon elad asy aka Aquatica And –The 8th note with aviram sahari one of his partner for sesto sento Music is my blood is the latest released from the Gataka studio and what a wonder it is… 9 previously unreleased bomb which have already been test successfully on dance floors all over the globe. Gataka, which always keeps on pushing forward with wide apparent success Collaborating with almost any dj or acts existing on the psy trance scene While Releasing huge amount of releasing in any important label there is out there Is here to stay and is by far from saying is last word Gataka & friends next album is on deep process and already including collaboration with sesto sento ,space cat ,wega plus a remix for ferbi boys smashing tune electrify and a remix for dedrah classic hit reload Stay tuned for more!