London, Britain (UK)

There’s no easy way to encapsulate GAUDI’s vast body of work. For the past three decades, the innovative producer and solo artist has been shattering genre barriers, pioneering the electronic and dance music worlds, and amassing a stunning collection of originals, remixes, collaborations, and soundtracks spanning the worlds of reggae, dub, breakbeat and cutting-edge psychedelic bass music. Whether he’s finessing high-profile projects in the studio, or whipping a crowd into a frenzy, the Italian-born UK-based artist places all importance on sonic perfection, and providing the best aural experience for his fans. He has done so for his entire career, which has seen the release of 15 solo albums, over a hundred compilations, 250 productions, 110 remixes and a number of movie soundtracks. Live, every GAUDI performance is unique and unpredictable in the best possible way as he never uses a computer onstage. A consummate musician and performer, he plays live theremin, minimoog, vocoder, tape echoes, electronic percussion, multi-effects, stylophone, melodica and dub sirens, and mixes live dub vocals thru his analogue equipment to maximum effect. Beyond the music, a burning passion reveals itself in a scathing rebuttal of tyranny and oppression through sonic resistance. GAUDI, spreading the words of peace, love, and tolerance, has traveled the world, headlining and performing at some of the best venues and festivals on the planet, from Shambhala in Canada; to the Boom Festival in Portugal; Glastonbury, Glade, Waveform, Boomtown, One Love, Noisily, Triplicity in the UK; Ozora, S.U.N, Samsara in Hungary; Symbiosis, Sonic Bloom, Lightning in a Bottle, Photosynthesis, Reggae on the river, Sierra Nevada World Festival and Burning Man on the West Coast of the U.S, Wakarusa, Kinnection in the South; The Big Up and Gratifly on the East Coast; Indigo in Israel; Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore and Peatsridge in Australia; Universo Paralello and Skol Beat in Brazil; Envision in Costa Rica; Sticky jam in Russia, Re-Birth and Zanpa-Jam in Japan, Tribal Gathering in Panama, Sonica and Sunsplash in Italy, and far, far beyond.

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