שם מלא
Dark Prisma Records
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dark Prisma Records is a platform to broadcast avant-garde, mind and soul bending music throughout all Planet Earth. It is designed to host a new generation of artists that create next level aural transmissions that have extended the boundaries and possibilities of what is known as psychedelic trance. Our aim is to use sound, technology and knowledge to enhance and update our consciousness in order to contribute to the infinite process of creation that is this self transforming, self aware machine we call the Universe. We wish to act as haven for sonic explorers that delve into the depths of the Unknown and return with an audible report of their research and journey. Dark Prisma has its roots in the psychedelic trance scene and in Argentina, but over the years it has evolved to include artists from all around the world and its spectrum has widened to include other genres of music as well. Our mission is to continue to offer a fresh perspective on sound and to provide sonic mind-warping tools for the molecular revolution and all its expressions.

Dark Prisma Records Playing @ Tranceit.net