שם מלא
Liran Ackerman
, Israel

Mr.What?'s Upcoming Gigs Sat 15 Jul, 17 Mr.What? @ Live!, Batz Bayaar, Nature, Israel Powered by GigaTools Mr. What? is a question that offers some very interesting answers. Liran Ackerman, the man behind this fresh progressive psy project is already known for his success as part of the duo 'MUTe/MUTation'. Following the years of experience he collected with MUTe, Liran felt it was time to set off on a journey of his own. This journey was always about more than just music production, but had a strong calling for creating a palpable fusion between forward thinking beats and universal ideas and emotions that surround us all. This spiralling journey through music, soundscapes and omnipresent concepts has taken Mr. What?'s sound to a refreshing crossover between deep progressive and clubby techno, with just the right amount of psy influence. This can be heard and felt in his tunes, which grab hold of you and offer a refreshing essence of unpredictability in exactly where the groove may take you. Needless to say, his journey is one that we can easily identify with, and instantly feel compelled to join in on regardless of where it's heading. After all, the journey isn't about the destination, but about the road you take as you move along. Mr. What?'s latest album '27' is pure example of this unbound road, where each track reveals a unique and fascinating view of life, and the endless possibilities of experience. The album features beautiful vocals by Netaly Reshef in 'Substance Fog' and 'Open Your Eyes', and bear a reminder of the angelic guidance that lives in us all. The album also offers some massive collaborations with U-Recken, Roger Rabbit, Krunch and a huge remix to Ritmo's Dream & Reality .