One Tasty Morsel

One Tasty Morsel
, Australia

One Tasty Morsel is the solo project of Paul van den Brink from Australia. While his earliest musical tinkerings were rooted in live music, the discovery of the Australian outdoor arts and lifestyle scene spawned the birth of his passion for electronic production, leading to his continuing creative pursuits of the aural realm. After the release of his first album Illogitechnicality (2008) with Zenon Records, his sound has continued to evolve, blending an eclectic mix of minimal, progressive psy trance, techno and other genres of electronica to form a unique sound that he is becoming well known for today. Following Illogitechnicallity, there have been several other releases under Zenon, No Qualms, Up, Solar, Biosine and Weapon Records, thus both creating the oportunity and nurturing the love to share his music on both national and international stages. Releases : Illogitechnicallity 2008 Neva Tekno 4 an Answer 2010 RentaGasm - BushFood - Zenon Rec Ballistic (sensient) OneTastyMorsel Rmx - Sea of Vapours - Zenon Rec SubStandard - Primordial - Bio-Sine Rec Get Your Wide On - Permutations vol2 - Zenon Rec 2MoreBones - Small Talk - Zenon Rec Please Spread 'em (feat Waltone) - Expansion Pack - Open Rec Minimalisticism - The Mechanics of Awakening (comp. by Nomolos) Zenon IntoxicationStation - AnotherPsydeOftheMoon - AnotherPsyde Rec AntiSobrietySociety - RoutineJudgement - UpRec_Digital OneHitWonder - Solar Records TTP (TastyThoughtProductions) Dodo Discharge - No Qualms Distorted Perception Of Sound - Planting Seeds - Weapon Records Vintage Variables (12 track retrospective) - No Qualms U and Me at 133 - Restekpa - No Qualms Open your Wreckhoard - Cosmic Conspiracy Discretionary Divination (album) - No Qualms Sleep Disorder - Shadows of the Sun - No Qualms Radslot ft Jekyll - Primal Drive - Universal Tribe Rec Acockalips Now - Shoot it up - Up Records Binging Witches - Shoot it up - Up Records