Ozora Festival

Ozora Festival
Dádpuszta, Hungary

https://ozorafestival.eu - Reaching out into the deepest realms of your imagination and displaying, sharing that glorious, that grotesque, that unparalleled treasure you find within is one of the pillars of the Ozora experience. The experience of a parallel existence created by our diversely colored dreams and visions of the same pure unblemished space, paradise on earth, our fairy tale. A reality where caring for each other, for our world is as important as our love and respect of all Mother Earth’s creatures. A universe of openness, togetherness, where we can evolve towards becoming one with cosmic energies, with nature, with consciousness, with wholeness through dance, trance, creation, invention, transformation and peace. A playground where we learn to share and care, to express and connect, to create and heal, to unify and beautify the world around us and in us. With unfaltering belief we set sail yet again, under the flag of love and light, together on our journey towards the newest experiences and treasures yet to be discovered in summer 2014.

Ozora Festival
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עמוד המוזיקה הרשמי של אוזורה פסטיבל