שם מלא
, Croatia

The art of sound programming was never so much attractive and fun… so close, so there… but yet… so far away. Something unknow and the myteries of the unseen can be described with sounds, atmospheres and rhythms. Dark, joyful, sad, mellow and calming. PsiloCybian defines the future in the moment of playing, because music is his alchemy. Rhythmically atypical and not recycled or default rhythms with fundamental notes he gains the biggest amplitude being musically and dance dominance because of the greatest intensity, loudness is subjective and is defined by the terms and the surroundings – the louder the better. His past is merged into his future, minimalism is in his style and ever present.. Sound information impressed in the brain of the listener is a collection of attributes of any musical entity being presented in the determinted time and under specific conditions. And long lasting. His latest accomplishment is an album released by the Ovnimoon Records. Get in touch with the current style and take a listen.