שם מלא
Yaniv Ben ari
, Israel

U-Recken's Upcoming Gigs Sun 21 Aug, 16 Free Earth festival, open air, tbc, Greece Powered by GigaTools U-Recken Takes psy trance to its right place as intelligent music which uses bass rhythm & melodies as a carrier to the massage of light,love and eternal freedom of thought. after two successful studio albums,(Aquatic serenade-2006 & Deeper into man-2008) he takes his turn into a slightly bigger vision: in 2010 Yaniv founded "Tree Of Life" and he is responsible to one of today's biggest psy festival,which reflects well his unique&Quality taste in music and concept. during 2012 yaniv Joins forces with the Belgium based label "Dacru records" which already released for him hits such as"Stoptime"and "the optimist"(with Digicult) yaniv will release his third and dabble album"A light at the end of the world" on Tree of Life/Dacru records-a little prior to...the end of the world. STAY TUNED-A NEW STORM IS COMING!